All of the costs involved in a data breach may surprise you. The consultants, forensic investigation, notification expenses and business interruption losses all add up. Find out how you can help protect your business from the financial ramifications of data theft.
No matter how careful you are in running your business, accidents happen. And no matter how big or small your business, you'll have to plan for these and other risks if you want it to thrive.
Although you can’t foresee when fire, floods or storms may happen, you always know there’s a chance that “acts of God” could affect your business operations. Here are some tips on how you can plan for the unexpected and keep your business going during a disaster.
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The last thing you want to happen after you die is for your beneficiaries to be unable to locate and submit a claim on your life insurance. The Insurance Information Institute provides some good tips for organizing your documents.
Develop a home construction or replacement cost that considers all the important variables: materials used, design features, quality, size, shape, heating, cooling and geographic area.
A complete home inventory can save you thousands of dollars should you suffer a catastrophic loss. Use this free software to begin your home inventory.

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