Just as you get a physical or bring your car in for regular maintenance, it’s important to conduct check-ups on your insurance coverage. Many Americans are underinsured in several critical areas, and many others are paying for coverage they don't need. An insurance review every one to three years is essential for ensuring you have appropriate coverage.
Until May 2010, many Middle Tennesseans though they’d never need protection from floods. Now they have many questions about how to get insurance and what it covers. Here are the most common questions I’ve heard.
When buying homeowners insurance, the cost will typically depend on the amount of coverage you need and how high your deductible is. Here are 10 things that could help reduce the cost of your premiums.
When you hear your neighbors, colleagues and the media talk about natural disasters or pandemics, your first thought likely is not about securing your finances. But there are certain steps you can take now to help prepare. You’ll want to make sure you have the following in order before an emergency strikes.
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